Saturday, December 9, 2006

Well. That's That.

The touch sensor otolith balancing system is not workable. A little experimentation shows that the touch sensor just isn't sensitive enough to small changes in pressure. It's basically a binary device even in raw mode.

However, it may be possible to salvage the system using light sensors. Light sensors?!? Yes, that's right. In the light sensor systems I derided, the light is being reflected off of the ground. That's still bad for the reasons I give. In a light sensor pseudo-otolith system, the light sensor just takes the place of a touch sensor. The touch sensor can't do small gradations, but the light sensor can.

I'm envisioning the light sensor (very tired of typing "light sensor" and "touch sensor" now) at the end of a short tunnel or cylinder. When the otolith shifts, instead of conveying that movement to a touch sensor via a lever, instead it moves a "piston" closer to the light sensor which registers the proximity.

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